Want to write your brand name in gold? Here’s how.

For centuries, alchemists laboured to transform metal to gold. Now it’s easy, thanks to modern science and titanium nitride.

Titanium nitride (TiN) first emerged in the 1980s, from the R&D departments of cutting tools producers. TiN was an exciting discovery, a ceramic coating that could multiply the strength and lifespan of things like drill bits, scalpels and engine parts. Today it is even used offworld, in robot arms on the International Space Station.

What attracted us signmakers to TiN, even more than its amazing durability, is its luxury appearance. Apply it to 304 grade stainless steel and you can replicate precious materials like gold, bronze, copper and black diamond. Before you coat the steel, you can even adjust settings to give your sign more or less shine.

So what will it be, mirror or matte?