How to choose a superior stainless steel sign

Before you order a bespoke stainless steel logo it makes good sense to request samples. How do you tell them apart?

Premium blended edges

Check the joins, on the outside and inside of the letter, where the face and sides meet. Our letters have a continuous soldered seam so you will see no weld spots, meaning your sign is stronger and more weatherproof. We go the extra mile to give your business a prestige appearance by smoothing out the joins until they are rendered invisible and the letter appears to be forged from a solid block of metal.

Material and Finishes

Test the smoothness of the metal and how it feels in your hand. We make our letters from marine grade 304 and 316 steel, using 18 and 22 gauge metal for the face and sides.

Depending on what look you want, we can treat your steel logo to different finishes. Polish it so it’s bright as a mirror, or brush it to give it a hair-lined texture and matte lustre. Bead-blast it for a unique sheen and character, or match it to your brand colours with high grade outdoor paint.

Tarnish-proof fixings

The proof is in the detail. Assess how much care has been taken on the hidden mounting straps inside the letter. Ours are made from stainless steel – so you prevent unsightly rain stains –  reinforced for extra safety and precisely set to achieve a perfectly flush finish.

Quality guarantee

Just to be sure, ask about the warranty. We stand over the quality of all our stainless steel letters – each type of finish comes with an official guarantee for a specified period. If the sign corrodes or discolours within this timeframe, we restore it for you under the warranty terms.