Make a lifelong impression with these solid metal plaques

The brass plaque is a veteran. Glossy, sturdy, trustworthy. Safe. What if you want to give your sign a bit more edge?

The answer? Go molten. Instead of etching your name into a plate of metal, melt the metal into a mould and raise your logo out of the backing in proud profile.

Choose from three types of metal, all prime grade and LEED certified for a high ratio of recycled content. We specify lead-free brass and bronze, and your signs are forged in electric furnaces for sustainability.

For a dramatic contrast, emboss your name in bright metal out of a darker background. Customise the background texture to suit your brand, select from an array of 49 colour backgrounds and frame your nameplate with any one of a dozen border styles.

Making your nameplate in a mould means you get a nameplate that is timeless – a solid piece of metal that will last a lifetime. With a guarantee to match.