Why site surveys are so important

You’ve sent us plans from the architect. Why can’t we take dimensions from their drawings and jump ahead to production?

Whether your sign is a deluxe bronze logo or a simple wall decal we want it to create a premium impression. It should be a perfect fit for the place which you have chosen for it. Not too big, not too small. Just right.

There is one proven way to make sure of this, and that is for our fitters to walk your site in advance, photograph sign locations and measure everything to within the millimetre.

More often than not, we quote for signs and design them before they have a place to go. The architect’s plans might be all we have to work with. This is plenty to get started. But, when it comes to perfecting sign designs ahead of production, Benjamin Franklin’s maxim still holds true today: if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

By allocating a fraction of your signage budget to a site survey you give your project the best start. Our installers get to assess the location, flag possible complications and confirm exact dimensions. Safe in the knowledge that you have left nothing to chance, we can proceed with producing and installing your signs. Precisely.