How often do you clean your signs?

Imagine if your company never washed the windows. Leave signs untended and you risk creating a similar impression.

We go the extra mile to give your signs the best start in life. We specify materials of a higher grade: specially treated, more resistant, fade-proof. We handle them with kid gloves all the way to your door. We even give lifetime guarantees for some types. Then we fit them, give them one last polish and they’re yours.

From here, two paths face you. You can look at a sign as a once-off investment and leave it to gather dust, or to fend for itself against weather and pollution. In the short term, this policy might work for you. But even the best signs lose their lustre.

Or, you can take a long term view. See signage as an important part of your brand identity. An asset with a lifetime value. The better you preserve it, the more it will work to show your business in a good light.

The good news is, it’s quite easy to look after signage. And the higher the spec, the lower the maintenance. Offices are cleaned weekly or even daily – your signs need only a fraction of that kind of attention. We’re talking times per year rather than times per month. All you need are some strong arms and specialist detergents.

Follow the instructions on our maintenance plan and your sign will look as good as new for years to come.