Do I need a Traffic Permit to install this type of sign?

You’ve approved designs and budgets and your sign project is go. Have you factored in the cost of Permits?

We can design signage for you, get it made on time and within budget and have our fitters booked to fit it. But there is one thing we need you to do for us – if you need to block footpaths or road lanes to install your signage then we need you to clear it with local authorities.

Council Permits

If you want to install signs in locations that are safely out of the way of drivers and pedestrians – such as within a building site, or on a stepped-in facade – you are less likely to need permission. If the install requires the fitters to work from the pavement or road, or on a hoist close to railway tracks or overhead lines, you need an official permit.

A regular council permit generally costs between €100 and €250 and takes about 7 days to be granted.

Traffic Management

If your site is on a route with high footfall or major traffic, be prepared to hire a professional traffic management company to oversee a safe install with a crew of people to alternate STOP/GO signs and keep the city flowing. To work near rail lines you need to apply for special contractor permits. Expect to pay upwards of €1500 to get the go ahead for both types of install.

Check the small print

Plan for permits in advance and you avoid budget overruns in future. To help, we always add notes to our quotations if we think that you are likely to need a council permit or traffic management expertise. We’ve had lots of experience with these kinds of projects so are happy to share know-how we’ve gained over the years.