Ryanair Holdings plc is Europe’s largest airline group. Its planes connect 200 destinations around the continent with daily flights from 82 bases.

For years, we have accompanied Ryanair on their journey, travelling far and wide, designing at super scale and installing at speed to expand the reach of their brand.

An extrovert in its industry, Ryanair uses building signage and environmental branding graphics to express this bold personality. We’ve designed an innovative colour-changing logo to brand their corporate headquarters, tested the limits of our print equipment to produce hangar supergraphics and promoted a playful team spirit with irreverent office murals.



Building signage and environmental branding

Wall mural on printed vinyl at Ryanair offices
Ryanair Wall Graphics | Ryanair Plane
Ryanair supergraphics | Large format vinyl print applied to hangar facade
Ryanair Lauda Logo | Skyline Sign
Ryanair Logo | Night Light Sign | Face Lit Sign

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