Architectural Signs

Take your business name, etch it into a solid plate of laquered brass and set it onto brickwork and you have a fine sign. Elegant. Professional. Refined. But what if you like the formal look, but want to be a bit more daring and distinctive? Cast metal plaques are the ultimate nameplates. You can personalise them in so many ways, by brushing, oxidising, painting or polishing the material. You can add textures and patinas, emboss words and icons to give them a higher profile, and even use contrasting mixes of bright and dark metal. The result: affluent looking, weather resistant plaques that are certified for use on LEED-rated buildings. Our plaques and nameplates are made from 92.5% recycled content, so you get a perfect blend of style and sustainability.

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Download the brochure: Metal Wayfinding Plaques – LEED Rated.

Original Irish Hotels | Plaques & Nameplates
Our cast bronze plaques for Original Irish Hotels are limited edition items

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