Think of stainless steel and you think technology. Like the frame of the new iPhone. Sleek and strong and rust-resistant, with a silvery sheen. Our stainless steel letters are all this. And more. Because you can change the colour. To match your logo, contrast with a background, or, simply look different. A painted stainless steel sign will set you apart in a way that no regular metal sign can match. Because we smooth out all the joins, each letter looks like its hewn from a solid block of colour. And, whereas chips or scrapes can prove fatal to lesser signs, your sign will outlast them, protected by high performance paint and its stainless steel core. Pick any colours from the RAL range and specify a gloss or matte finish.

Alexandra College Sign | Stainless Steel Sign
We used an ultra fine font and matte painted stainless steel to create this elegant sign for Alexandra College, Dublin

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