• This corporate lounge is kept private with optically clear window manifestations



In 2001, Citi moved its EMEA headquarters to a landmark building in Dublin’s International Financial Services Centre. The firm now employs 2,500 people in this award-winning workplace, making it Ireland’s largest foreign bank.

A large meeting lounge is one of the distinguishing features of the head office and doubles as a space for presentations. Fully glazed on two sides the room is in a bustling area, between the reception and restaurant, and the time had come to make it more private.

Rather than blank out the windows with blinds, the client wanted to do something more discreet, something artistic for people on both sides of the glass to enjoy. Without blocking too much of the natural light from the atrium. Optically Clear PET film was our answer.

Clear PET manifestations let you control the opacity of glass and work light into your brand palette. Printing in five colours (CMYK plus white), you can screen your rooms with a mix of artwork, fades, gradients and clear glass for a perfect blend of creativity, privacy and openness.

Here, we reproduced sketchbook drawings of the local city in Citi Blue linework, added a wafer-thin outline for extra definition and backed the graphics with a haze gradient to keep the room bright. Applying the vinyl is a specialist task which our fitters have mastered through training and experience.

Citi Ireland

Dublin 2

Environmental graphics / manifestations

An optically clear glass manifestation screens a corporate lounge

Clear PET glass manifestation with printed fade in white ink
Clear PET window manifestations with printed haze effect for privacy screening
Fitters screen a corporate meeting room with glass manifestations
Installing glass manifestations at the head office of Citi Ireland
An installer applies optically clear glass manifestations to a meeting room window

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