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Extending over 5 acres of prime Docklands real estate, Capital Dock is one of the top places to work and live in Dublin. Developed by Kennedy Wilson, it features global headquarters, upscale retail and exclusive residences in Ireland’s tallest building.

The client needed a campus wayfinding system to guide people through the new campus and its three apartment buildings.

Now, when you visit, a set of jet black totems greet you with a map of the area and point you to where you want to go. The totems are unique, made by us to a site-specific design using toughened glass and painted metal. The side profile and screenprinted information panels light up to help you find your way at night.

To identify the residences and the floors and services within them we produced a suite of LEED-rated plaques, nampelates and sliders in cast bronze. Designed to promote accessibility, the textured, dark bronze plaques display raised text and braille characters in bright bronze for an affluent, high-contrast look.

Kennedy Wilson

Dublin Docklands

Campus wayfinding for a new city campus

Capital Dock | Front Desk Sign
Capital Dock | Meeting Room Signs
Capital Dock | Concierge Directory Sign
Capital Dock | Lift Directory
Capital Dock | Outdoor Totem Directory Sign

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