Ballyboden Primary Care Centre


Ballyboden Primary Care Centre is a new 4-storey healthcare facility that brings together GPs, Public Health Nurses and associated services under one roof so the local community has faster access to the health system. Because people of all ages and abilities will visit the new building it needed a comprehensive wayfinding system that anyone can follow.

Working with HSE Estates architects and contractors, DHD Construction, we started by developing a wayfinding strategy. Based on analysis of the building plans we mapped out visitor journeys to define the circulation routes and select optimum sign locations and quantities. Working in from car parks to consultant rooms we developed more than 25 different sign types to show the way. From the totem that marks the entrance you are then guided by a series of panel and post signs, facade letters, wall directories, projecting and overhead signs and door signs.

To improve accessibility within the building we used our AD Pro wayfinding system and colour-coded it to distinguish each floor. Endorsed by Age Friendly Ireland these signs offer several advantages over traditional hospital signs. Their anti-glare finish makes them much easier to read in bright medical lighting conditions. The 3D braille and tactile characters are permanently embossed in UV cured ink that withstands constant use. And they are ultra-hygienic: fitted with anti-bacterial tape, they are dust tight and their flat aluminium faces clean easily.

Ballyboden Primary Care Centre

Dublin 16

Wayfinding strategy and system

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