• Google Sign | ADX Face Lit Sign



Get innovative with acrylic and light your logo from edge to edge. Before, you had to glue sides to the back of each letter face or use metal rims to hold faces in place. Either way, you ended up with an outline around your logo. With ADX letters you no longer need to compromise. We cut the entire letter from a deep block of opal acrylic then hollow it out so LEDs can light the inside. Then you can get creative with lighting effects. You can colour the face and leave the edges opal so light shines from the sides; leave the front opal and paint the sides so all attention is on the face; or make a letter that is face, side and halo illuminated. Each part of the letter – front, back and sides – can be colour matched to the shade of your choice. ADX letters are powered by top of the range Chiplite LEDs and are 100% recyclable.

Facelit 3D letters on Google's 1GCQ reception desk make a dramatic first impression

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