• The words of Countess Markievicz, immortalised in sculpture at Richmond Barracks Dublin

“A Walk”, Richmond Barracks


In May 1916, after the Easter Rising, thousands of rebel prisoners and their leaders crossed the courtyard of Richmond Barracks to learn their fate by court marshal. More than a century later, designer Joanne Byrne set out to create a monument to those who made this grave journey.

“A Walk” takes a diary entry from rebel leader Countess Markievicz and transforms her ideals into a path. As you walk, the quote unfolds to leave you with this thought: “Nature should provide me with something to live for, something to die for.”

Using corten steel letters, we embedded the words of the Countess into the earth, ensuring her spirit will live on for all time at this historic site.

In June 2020, the installation was recognised by 100 Archive as one of 100 notable Irish communication design projects of 2019.

Joanne Byrne (Designer)

Richmond Barracks

Cultural installation – Letter sculpture

100 Archive 2019 listing

Aerial view of A Walk sculpture installation in the garden courtyard of Richmond Barracks, Dub;in

A Walk, listed in 100 Archive's 100 notable Irish design projects of 2019
Fabricating corten steel letters for A Walk sculpture installation
Installing the sculpture installation, A Walk, at Richmond Barracks Dublin
Making the foundations for the corten steel sculpture, A Walk, at Richmond Barracks
A Walk, sculpture installation at Richmond Barracks, Dublin

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