Communicate sustainability with these LEED-certified signs

You’ve gone beyond to earn your development a LEED rating. Boost your score with our sustainable wayfinding plaques.

Ask people to think of a sustainable type of signage and they tend to think of wood. It can be grown. It’s natural. It seems to be abundant. But it’s not the most practical sign material. Particularly for outdoor use.

Deep beneath our feet lies a much superior natural sign product: metal. It keeps its good looks. Withstands all kinds of weather. And, after many years of polished service, it can melt down and return to life in a new form.

Take our cast bronze plaques, for instance. The bespoke set that we made for the LEED Gold campus at Capital Dock is made from ingot that is 92.5% recycled. Whatever offcuts were left after production went back into the recycling chain.

The resulting plaques are blemish-free. They look pristine. And they come with a LEED Cert that makes their owners feel good about preserving a piece of the planet.

If you are working to achieve LEED targets for a new development, feel free to call us and talk through our sustainable sign options.

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