Is there a limit to the size of halo lit, side lit or face lit letters?

Displaying your name in lights at super scale is no object for us. It’s when space is tight that things get trickier.

‘We like it, but can you make our logo smaller?’, is not something we often hear. Logos, by their nature, are designed to have big personalities. Rarely are we asked to make one so small that it cannot be illuminated. Lighting logo straplines is where challenges arise.

When you want to light a stacked logo, tagline and all, in a confined space we start by identifying a minimum height for the small print. This is dictated, not by the x-height of a font, but by its stroke width. We need enough room to thread an LED module into the stroke. For indoor signs this width is 12mm; for outdoor signs with more powerful LEDs it is 18mm. Scaling your typeface up to this stroke width, we calculate the smallest height at which it can be lit.

Fonts with a low stroke contrast can be made to light at very small sizes: we’ve lit Myriad Pro letters that are only 50mm high. Hairline serifs like Didot, that contrast fine and thick strokes, tend to need more height. If in doubt, email us a vector file of what you have in mind and we’ll advise you on your best options.