Patented Design: What makes the Flexface lightbox unique?

The Flexface is one of a kind. A lightbox without a cover. That displays your graphics on canvas, like a gallery artwork.

Think of your visuals, lit up in all weathers, in pin-sharp definition. With no fixings or frame to distract attention. Just your marketing messages, at massive scale. Flexface is a lightbox unlike any other.

Deluxe Print

With Flexface, your graphics are printed on a fabric face so nothing comes between your artwork and its audience. Matte inks eliminate glare from sunlight or headlights. And the tight weave canvas allows even the finest detail to shine through.

Weather Proof

An immensely strong system underpins the smooth surface of this lightbox. A hidden framework of coiled springs holds the fabric face in place, flexing constantly to keep your graphic perfectly taut. Flexface resists everything the weather can throw at it. Batter it with torrential rain or gale force winds and it still looks as good as it did on its first day at work.

Energy Saving

Flexface presents your business in its best light by using cleantech LEDs in an adaptive lighting system. The top quality LEDs are CE-certified and ECA-rated and grouped to get maximum brightness per buck.


Flexface appears to float off walls, which adds to its powers of attraction. Our installers can mount it to any flat surface with a kit of invisible fittings. If ever you need to move the lightbox to a new location, it’s no problem. You can even take it down and add feet to it to create a freestanding unit. Refreshing your display is easy: just whisk out the original canvas and pop in a new print.

Flexface lightboxes come in a variety of profiles, ranging from lightweight to heavy duty. For more information, or to arrange a real life viewing, call us today on 01 452 4152.