Chiplite LEDs: The secret to lighting up your logo

There is a science to making your logo light just right. Perfect brightness depends on using the latest LED technology.

With all eyes on the gleaming exterior of your sign, it’s easy to overlook what’s going on inside. Behind the acrylic faces there are hidden chains of high-powered LEDs, set to beam light at the optimum angle and intensity to light your sign evenly from edge to edge. Free from bright spots, dark spots or shadows that could spoil the impression.

To make sure your sign stands apart, we insist on using a better class of LED. Chiplite is a market-leading brand that lights millions of products worldwide. These are no ordinary LEDs. IP65 enclosures keep dust and water at bay so your sign shines in all weathers. Each module is certified CE and RoHS for health, safety and environmental protection. And, though the modules are tiny, we can surgically adjust the angle of each lens for perfect results.

For every height and depth of letter, there is an equivalent Chiplite. And plenty of design options: specify white or colour lights, make them ultra-bright or dimmer-controlled and vary the number of modules to maximise energy savings. Craftsmanship meets electronics in our Chiplite powered signs.

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