Communicate sustainability with these LEED-certified signs

You’ve gone beyond to earn your development a LEED rating. Boost your score with our sustainable wayfinding plaques.

Ask people to think of a sustainable type of signage and they tend to think of wood. It can be grown. It’s natural. It seems to be abundant. But it’s not the most practical sign material. Particularly for outdoor use.

Deep beneath our feet lies a much superior natural sign product: metal. It keeps its good looks. Withstands all kinds of weather. And, after many years of polished service, it can melt down and return to life in a new form.

Take our cast bronze plaques, for instance. The bespoke set that we made for the LEED Gold campus at Capital Dock is made from ingot that is 92.5% recycled. Whatever offcuts were left after production went back into the recycling chain.

The resulting plaques are blemish-free. They look pristine. And they come with a LEED Cert that makes their owners feel good about preserving a piece of the planet.

If you are working to achieve LEED targets for a new development, feel free to call us and talk through our sustainable sign options.

Review our range of LEED plaques and nameplates.

Custom brass signs – How brilliant would you like yours?

Our solid brass signs now come with brightness control. We can make your logo look bright as a button, or dark as silk.

As well as being super durable, Muntzen 280 brass can change its appearance to create a range of distinct looks. Coat it to make it shine like a mirror, sand it to glow like satin or dip it to give it a rich patina.

Which tone is the best fit for your brand?


Want to write your brand name in gold? Here’s how.

For centuries, alchemists laboured to transform metal to gold. Now it’s easy, thanks to modern science and titanium nitride.

Titanium nitride (TiN) first emerged in the 1980s, from the R&D departments of cutting tools producers. TiN was an exciting discovery, a ceramic coating that could multiply the strength and lifespan of things like drill bits, scalpels and engine parts. Today it is even used offworld, in robot arms on the International Space Station.

What attracted us signmakers to TiN, even more than its amazing durability, is its luxury appearance. Apply it to 304 grade stainless steel and you can replicate precious materials like gold, bronze, copper and black diamond. Before you coat the steel, you can even adjust settings to give your sign more or less shine.

So what will it be, mirror or matte?

Make a lifelong impression with these solid metal plaques

The brass plaque is a veteran. Glossy, sturdy, trustworthy. Safe. What if you want to give your sign a bit more edge?

The answer? Go molten. Instead of etching your name into a plate of metal, melt the metal into a mould and raise your logo out of the backing in proud profile.

Choose from three types of metal, all prime grade and LEED certified for a high ratio of recycled content. We specify lead-free brass and bronze, and your signs are forged in electric furnaces for sustainability.

For a dramatic contrast, emboss your name in bright metal out of a darker background. Customise the background texture to suit your brand, select from an array of 49 colour backgrounds and frame your nameplate with any one of a dozen border styles.

Making your nameplate in a mould means you get a nameplate that is timeless – a solid piece of metal that will last a lifetime. With a guarantee to match.

How to choose a superior stainless steel sign

Before you order a bespoke stainless steel logo it makes good sense to request samples. How do you tell them apart?

Premium blended edges

Check the joins, on the outside and inside of the letter, where the face and sides meet. Our letters have a continuous soldered seam so you will see no weld spots, meaning your sign is stronger and more weatherproof. We go the extra mile to give your business a prestige appearance by smoothing out the joins until they are rendered invisible and the letter appears to be forged from a solid block of metal.

Material and Finishes

Test the smoothness of the metal and how it feels in your hand. We make our letters from marine grade 304 and 316 steel, using 18 and 22 gauge metal for the face and sides.

Depending on what look you want, we can treat your steel logo to different finishes. Polish it so it’s bright as a mirror, or brush it to give it a hair-lined texture and matte lustre. Bead-blast it for a unique sheen and character, or match it to your brand colours with high grade outdoor paint.

Tarnish-proof fixings

The proof is in the detail. Assess how much care has been taken on the hidden mounting straps inside the letter. Ours are made from stainless steel – so you prevent unsightly rain stains –  reinforced for extra safety and precisely set to achieve a perfectly flush finish.

Quality guarantee

Just to be sure, ask about the warranty. We stand over the quality of all our stainless steel letters – each type of finish comes with an official guarantee for a specified period. If the sign corrodes or discolours within this timeframe, we restore it for you under the warranty terms.