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Communicate sustainability with these LEED-certified signs

You’ve gone beyond to earn your development a LEED rating. Boost your score with our sustainable wayfinding plaques. Ask people to think of a sustainable type of signage and they tend to think of wood. It can be grown. It’s natural. It seems to be abundant. But it’s not the most practical sign material. Particularly […]

Custom brass signs – How brilliant would you like yours?

Our solid brass signs now come with brightness control. We can make your logo look bright as a button, or dark as silk. As well as being super durable, Muntzen 280 brass can change its appearance to create a range of distinct looks. Coat it to make it shine like a mirror, sand it to […]

Want to write your brand name in gold? Here’s how.

For centuries, alchemists laboured to transform metal to gold. Now it’s easy, thanks to modern science and titanium nitride. Titanium nitride (TiN) first emerged in the 1980s, from the R&D departments of cutting tools producers. TiN was an exciting discovery, a ceramic coating that could multiply the strength and lifespan of things like drill bits, […]

Patented Design: What makes the Flexface lightbox unique?

The Flexface is one of a kind. A lightbox without a cover. That displays your graphics on canvas, like a gallery artwork. Think of your visuals, lit up in all weathers, in pin-sharp definition. With no fixings or frame to distract attention. Just your marketing messages, at massive scale. Flexface is a lightbox unlike any […]

Chiplite LEDs: The secret to lighting up your logo

There is a science to making your logo light just right. Perfect brightness depends on using the latest LED technology. With all eyes on the gleaming exterior of your sign, it’s easy to overlook what’s going on inside. Behind the acrylic faces there are hidden chains of high-powered LEDs, set to beam light at the […]

Wayfinding signs: how to comply with Part M Building Regulations

In 2010, the Irish Government updated its building regulations. The Part M amendment sets new rules for building design, promoting inclusive architecture that follows the principles of universal design. Under the new directives, every building must be able to be “accessed, understood and used… by persons of any age or size or… ability or disability.” […]

Make a lifelong impression with these solid metal plaques

The brass plaque is a veteran. Glossy, sturdy, trustworthy. Safe. What if you want to give your sign a bit more edge? The answer? Go molten. Instead of etching your name into a plate of metal, melt the metal into a mould and raise your logo out of the backing in proud profile. Choose from […]

How often do you clean your signs?

Imagine if your company never washed the windows. Leave signs untended and you risk creating a similar impression. We go the extra mile to give your signs the best start in life. We specify materials of a higher grade: specially treated, more resistant, fade-proof. We handle them with kid gloves all the way to your […]