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Photo Relief Plaques

Shadow+makers A.D.Design introduces the latest concept in plaque signage: PhotoRelief™. This groundbreaking process uses photographs to create superb plaques, memorials and historical markers. PhotoRelief™ is different from other imaging techniques due to the actual sculpting of the photos into the base metal. In this way, it is similar to the Bas Relief without a sculptor’s interpretation of the image. A seamless blend of casting and photography, PhotoRelief™ is perfectly suited for unique signage, historical markers, or any plaque that tells a story with words and pictures. Through Gemini’s innovative technologies, we can use one photograph or several to create a simple and elegant plaque or a breathtaking collage that illustrates the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Using aluminum or bronze, A.D.Design can produce a PhotoRelief™ plaque in any size or shape up to 40" to 64". Our designers will work with you on the layout of your plaque. And, thanks to our technologically advanced process, we can ship your plaque in just 12 days after approval of artwork. Gemini’s full range of color and finishing options are also available; call a plaque sales representative for more details. And like all A.D.Design plaque products, PhotoRelief™ plaques are Guaranteed for Life. Every picture tells a story, so why not let your plaque be more than just words – use a PhotoRelief™ plaque to combine words and pictures for a truly memorable plaque, memorial or historical marker.




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