AIB DKIT Signs Dundalk

Recently completed student bank in D.K.I.T by A.D.Design!

On the outside we created a new ATM surround that lights up all round to create a really nice & bright corona / halo effect. This is built to be beaten & is 25mm thick solid acrylic with a powder coated aluminium face. The main signs outside are really bright thanks to our new German LED which comes with a 5 year warranty! The logo light box is made from brushed stainless steel & each colour on the face is an individual translucent vinyl.

On the inside you are greeted by a large textile LED map light box. What we like about the textile light box is that you get no glare whatsoever as the face is a material & the colours really pop. Over the Phone banking section we fitted our new ADX LED neon effect letters. These letters look like neon but are not neon!

Further into the bank we installed our new side & face lit "Manage your accounts" stainless steel light box which throws light onto the wall as well as lighting up the text with no spotting at all. 

On the ceiling we fitted Ilight LED strips.





  • 3D
  • 3d
  • Brass
  • Building
  • Digiglass
  • Digital
  • Ilight
  • Light
  • Monolith
  • Door
  • External
  • Face
  • Facelit
  • Fade
  • Gold

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