Sign Lighting

Sign trough lightsCommercial Lighting identified that there a requirement for a lighting system capable of illuminating wider and deeper signs...rising to the challenge a winning solution was conceived. Following extensive design development and testing, we produced a fluorescent lamp reflector that was capable of generating a greater, and more even light emission over larger areas than had previously been achieved.

Adlux is designed to be easily and quickly installed. The extrusion allows the fitter to hang the unit before locating and tightening the fixings without having to support its weight. Adlux can be cut to any length and used with a wide choice of fixing brackets.

The latest development in outdoor media sign lighting is our Adlux Mini-Trough. It has been purposely designed to produce outstanding illumination over 48 and 96 sheet billboards.The 4-way telescopic bracket system allows for the arm to be drawn closer to the sign, rotated, and maintained by one person, satisfying the latest Health and Safety requirements.

The 610mm modular unit houses a 40W PL-L compact fluorescent lamp and high frequency electronic gear. Electricity consumption can be reduced by up to 45%, when compared with conventional trough lighting running costs. With a lamp life of up to 20,000 hours, the ability to be maintained by one person and reduced running costs, the Adlux Mini-Trough provides an outstanding solution.



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