Light Line

Light wire chair Using energy efficient electroluminescent light wire, we can wrap / highlight areas of your premises including your stairs indoors & outdoors. Choose the grade of Neon Glow wire, colour, length and quantity, from our shop (longer lengths are lower in price), and select a power pack to suit your length(s) with any accessories required. The minimum length we supply is 1m in each grade. Grades available: Mini Our thinnest EL wire 1.2mm diameter Super Bright Our brightest EL wire 2.5mm diameter Heavy Duty Our robust EL wire 3.2mm diameter T-Type Stitchable EL wire 3.2mm diameter High Bright Max Our exterior EL wire 5mm diameter Super Max Our most robust EL wire 8mm diameter Colours available in differing grades: Aqua, Blue, Gold, Green, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red and White. When purchasing your EL wire, you will also need to buy power pack/inverter to power the EL wire, and connectors to connect the Neon Glow Wire to the power packs.

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