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A.D.Design supply the complete range of Springflex Light boxes.

Using the latest LED from Chiplite with a 5 year warranty we now supply flex face light boxes that are zero maintenance, extremely bright & energy efficient. 

We use a double print method that ensures that the image you see on your screen is what you get on your light box when its lighting. In other words, black is black when lit & not grey or washed out as with other prints.


Product Overview

  • reduced weight and modular section manufacture for easy transportation
  • LED chiplite modules - 5 year warranty and zero manitenance!
  • triphosphorous lamps - longer life and lower maintenance
  • bespoke manufacture, rectangular, curved, convexed...
  • rapid face install - no enveloping, no rod threading and no clamping
  • pre-installation check ensures no problems on-site
  • faces printed on Vutek double strike wide format machines and lacquer finished.

No other system offers all these advantages and more and no other system provides these superior contract winning specifications.


Problems with streaking?

  • We get the occasional shower of rain here in Ireland and when it rains dust and dirt is washed off the top of sign systems causing streaking problems on the signage faces.

    The revolutionary new anti-drip lid system from springflex® eliminates those streaking problems. poster faces are protected as rain is channeled away from the display face, reducing cleaning cycles to a fraction of normal.

    So, if you’ve got something that you want to show off outside and you need to keep it nice and clean - nothing beats the new springflex® system with anti drip features.


AD Designs thought

Flex face light boxes can be made in any size or shape & are very effective at day or night. take a look at our gallery for more images

  • 3D
  • 3d
  • Brass
  • Building
  • Digiglass
  • Digital
  • Ilight
  • Light
  • Monolith
  • Door
  • External
  • Face
  • Facelit
  • Fade
  • Gold

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