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The complete signage package internal & external was designed, manufactured & installed by A.D.Design for The Curragh.


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Our latest project just completed in Grand Canal Quay for Google.

Here we have installed two huge side illuminated logos on the exterior of the building & in the interior we have supplied a special face illuminated set of logos that are super bright & face illuminated.

On entering the door you are guided up to reception by our LED neon arrows which are really thin & bright!

Once in the lobby you are greeted by huge wall directories with wooden boxes indicating the floor you are on.

Full wayfinding & door signage also completed.


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Solid bronze letters water jet cut & then hand polished to a reflective shine by A.D.Design.

The finish perfectly reflects the name!

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A.D.Design are proud to show pictures of our latest 3D brass logo created for the Carlton Casino.

Each item is built up and welded brass with the three C's deeper so they would stand out.

All edges are premium polished so you cannot see a join & are lacquered for easy maintenance. 

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A.D.Design installed a huge face illuminated sign for Central Plaza on Dame Street.

These letters are LED illuminated & pack a big punch!

The logo is 18 metres x 5.5 metres!

Excuse the photo. It's taken from my phone & is blurry. The actual sign is very sharp.

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A.D.Design supplied large face illuminated free standing letters to Indeed in Dusseldorf.

These letters are full DMX RGB & can be individually controlled to make a rainbow if required!

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Recently completed pictures of our work in the new Hubspot offices in Dublin.


In this project we installed floor graphics with a twist that were half on the floor & half on the glass! Really cool.

Other items were the amazing HD door graphic prints. The actual images of the Dublin doors were taken by a Hubspot employee! 

Also, we installed individually plotted vinyl designs & tinted windows to the "Hubspot"orange"

What do you think?

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Recently completed pictures of our work in the new offices of New Relic in Dublin.

In this project we colour matched wall paint colours so that our wall graphics would blend in.

Other items were the amazing 3D reception logo, window manifestations & transparent coloured vinyl room names.

What do you think?

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Recently completed pictures of our work in the new Hubspot offices in Dublin.

Here we digitally printed white to optically clear PET. This method of printing is so much better than other optically clear materials in the market & the colours are so much more vibrant.

The manifestations in Hubspot (below) actually make the glass look like it has been screen printed! The white is very strong.

If you have a window manifestation project coming up, drop us a line & we can show you many ways to liven up your office space.


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Recently completed pictures of our work in the new Adobe offices in Citywest.

Textured canvas wall graphics, digital prints, neon signs, frosted glass manifestations and more!

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The logo on the IFSC building is Kilkenny Limestone & what we had to do in this case was completely strip the logo back to stone which meant removing the existing gold leaf & the primer which took some time.

The stone was then sealed & left to dry for 12 hours before 2 coats (12 hours between coats) of special primer was applied. Once this was dry, we applied 2 layers of gold size (bonding glue for the leaf) and then the logo was gold leafed.

In some places the logo had to get a double layer of leaf due to imperfections in the stone.

The finished logo looks amazing and will last for another 20-30 years.

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Recently installed letters in the new Indeed offices on Stephens Green.

The letters are free standing & are double sided. Each side & each letter is individually controlled (eg: rear can be all white & front colour changing) by DMX.

As you can see below they are bright!

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A.D.Design have just completed a roll out of signage for AIB.

This included cast plaques, stainless steel letters that side illuminate, illuminated projecting signs, illuminated suspended signs, Illuminated ATM surrounds, totems etc.

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The new Arthur Cox building off Hatch Street in Dublin has had the "AD" treatment!

On the corner we have built up stainless steel letters which are halo illuminated & give off a great glow.

Over the main entrance we manufactured a sub construction to support the side illuminated letters & this worked out very well.



Have a dark logo that you would like to light up but cant?

We have the solution for you!

Below is an example of what we can do. This client wanted their sign to stand out on the wall during the day & be really punchy at night. The solution we came up with as a "raster" system whereby we print the corporate colour onto a special vinyl so that when night time comes along & the sign lights up, it lights up white!  If we were to light this up in dark blue it would have looked terrible (blue is hard colour to light up)

The results below speak for themselves!



Here we did nice shaped hoarding for the Goethe Institut on Merrion Square.

Full colour HD print with Ritrama anti graffiti laminate. All edges capped with painted aluminium xtrusion.

A.D.Design have just completed the signage for Marks & Spencer's new Simply Food store in Heuston Station.

The halo lit signage works really well as we made built up black letters in high gloss with WH12 acrylic backs & halo lit using Chiplite LED onto a matt powder coated panel.

The signs look great!

Take a look below at some pics of the wall graphics we installed in Ryanair.

All our wall graphics are printed at maximum resolution & finished with a MATT laminate.

A great way to liven up any office space!


Here on Aercap House we made a really nice pair of halo illuminated signs from brushed stainless steel.

By using the best quality LED we have created a very bright sign that suits the building.

A.D.Design took on the task of refreshing the desk fronts for Aerlingus in Terminal 2.

We used a strong matt faced PET sheet which was screen printed to the rear for protection.

The first shop in Ireland to have an AIB branch inside was Supervalu Lucan & we in A.D.Design were proud to be chosen to supply the signage for this premium project.

We manufactured super bright light boxes with digitally printed faces on special light transmitting vinyl which gives the logos really good vibrancy. Also supplied were the office window manifestations, 3D foamex lettering & other branding around the store. 

Ilac Shopping Centre brand refresh

Recently completed external signs by A.D.Design!

Here we made huge built up shapes & installed super bright face lit letters. The effect is dramatic & the Ilac centre now stands out on all streets.

You can't get a better face illuminated sign anywhere other than A.D.Design!

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AdGlass printed PET film to the really cool offices of Demonware!

Office manifestations have come a long way & A.D.Design can offer you some amazing solutions for your office glazing


Here we installed a 50metre long sign in vinyl to the gable end of a Hangar in Italy.

When you come in to land its on your right and very visible!

Dawson & Molesworth Street paved in gold!

A.D.Design recently completed the amazing hoarding on the corner of Dawson Street & Molesworth Street.

The hoarding is wrapped in a mirror chrome gold vinyl pattern & then laminated with an anti graffiti laminate.

We think it looks great!

If you are interested in site hoarding, please call us on 01-4524152 for more information.


The project we undertook was the wrapping of The Shelbourne Hotel during its restoration works.

A full scaffolding was to be erected around in the building allowing refurbishment to take place to the façade. However, the client didn’t want to lose its iconic look, nor could it afford to be an eyesore in the centre of Dublin city, while these works took place.

The solution was to wrap the scaffolding in a life size mesh banner, printed with a replica image of the building.   

It was a unique project with quite a fast turnaround time, and as the scaffolding was built coming out in front of the bay windows, our design team had to suitably amend the image so that it still maintained a 3D look to the bay windows and overall features.

Once the scaffold was erected, A.D. Design had to survey, make design amendments, print, finish and install the banner within 3 days. The installation was carried out at night due to its busy location in Stephens Green.

As you can see from the photo’s, it was a very successful project and has been quite the talking point in Dublin.  Both the contractor and the client are delighted with the end product and on completion of this phase, a second elevation will be wrapped so the restoration works can continue.

We think it looks great!

If you are interested in getting your building wrapped, please call us on 01-4524152 for more information.

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Recently completed AD wayfinding system installed in the refurbished "The Meath Primary Care" for the HSE.

We used our AD Flat wayfinding system with braille & tactile door signs.

The directory is fully interchangeable

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AIB DKIT Signs Dundalk

Recently completed student bank in D.K.I.T by A.D.Design!

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On the outside we created a new ATM surround that lights up all round to create a really nice & bright corona / halo effect. This is built to be beaten & is 25mm thick solid acrylic with a powder coated aluminium face. The main signs outside are really bright thanks to our new German LED which comes with a 5 year warranty! The logo light box is made from brushed stainless steel & each colour on the face is an individual translucent vinyl.

On the inside you are greeted by a large textile LED map light box. What we like about the textile light box is that you get no glare whatsoever as the face is a material & the colours really pop. Over the Phone banking section we fitted our new ADX LED neon effect letters. These letters look like neon but are not neon!

Further into the bank we installed our new side & face lit "Manage your accounts" stainless steel light box which throws light onto the wall as well as lighting up the text with no spotting at all. 

On the ceiling we fitted Ilight LED strips.





Ryanair signs installed at their new headquarters in Airside.

We used a "raster" vinyl method here so the signs are blue during the day but light up white at night.

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New face lit logo in Groupon HQ!

The Groupon face lit letters were made with Opal perspex returns & a green face that light up really bright! To reduce shadow or screw fixings being visible we made the letters with a clever design so that the last 25mm is made from Opaque white perspex. This makes the letters look like they are coming out of the wall. 

Face lit letters by A.D.Design!

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